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Only taking action will create the changes you need


The future depends on what you do now.


won't change it

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How would things be different?


Make that a reality by starting right now.


Being free from it

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Enjoy the service from wherever you are

Enjoyable, Simple, Effective

Most effective method of dealing with issues today


In person or online


Remove that tension in just weeks even if you’ve had it your whole life. I will teach you techniques that will help you take control away from the anxiety and in your hands so you never look back.


Don’t suffer any longer and don’t go through this alone. I will stick by you and together we will make those clouds disappear. Our small steps will achieve big results.

Sleep Issues

My sleep clients find results within days of working with me and you can too. Even clients with intense pain are finding better quality sleep and more of it.


We can work together to get that mind working ‘for’ you instead of against you and helping confidence come forward so that you can fulfil those dreams.


Enjoy the same amazing results my mindfulness clients are having improving almost every area of their life…and I walk you through the whole process.


Mindfulness and therapy combined in these sessions provides the highest quality, personalized support you could possibly have during those precious months so that you and baby have the most wonderful start together.


It is a result of many influences, changes and events that have happened over the course of your life to produce a response in you that isn’t serving you well.  Some people put up with it and never change it while others deal with it and enjoy their life more than they ever have before. I provide you with relief so that you can have a break from the thoughts or experiences that are getting in the way at a pace that you feel comfortable with, helping you get off that emotional roller coaster and have control of your life, not just for now but for always. If you are ready to be free of those burdens now, I will be thrilled to work with you and help you make it happen.

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Extremely Professional

“I met with Veronica for anxiety. I found that she was extremely professional, very clear as to how she can help me. This service was personalized to ME, I had not had that previously with a Hypnotherapist, usually in and out and the outcome was poor for me. However, the service Veronica provided was exceptional, the experience was one that is hard to describe as my life has changed for the better and the outlook now is much more positive and I feel extremely free to be ME. I recommend Veronica to everybody for any issue you may be facing. It’s time to invest in YOU, you will not regret it. YOU deserve to be free and excited about endless possibilities.”
F Waters (Melbourne, Australia)

Certificates & Verifications

Veronica is a verified psychotherapist with accredited training in a range of therapies including Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, Meridian Psychotherapy, Resource Therapy, Virtual gastric banding, Treating Anxiety and Depression and more.

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